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Support our efforts by becoming a member today and enjoy the benefits of helping to connect families, present educational programs and preserve history at the Tyrrell Historical Library 

The “Tyrrell” is dear to all of us because of the historical significance of the building, the resources the library provides to the community and the opportunities for patrons to research their genealogy.  But why should you be a member of the Tyrrell Historical Library Association? You should be a member of THLA because:

  1. Without the Tyrrell Historical Library Association (formed in 1987) this wonderful library would have been razed by the City of Beaumont and would now be a parking lot.

  2. Without THLA there would be no place in our area for organizations and important citizens to donate or bequeath their historical documents.

  3. Without the THLA there would be no place where those interested in their family history could, at no charge, use Ancestry, thousands of books and other digital resources.

  4. Without THLA funding there would not be enough city staff to serve Tyrrell’s patrons.  THLA pays the salaries of one full-time and two part- time City of Beaumont employees.

  5. Without THLA funding the Tyrrell would not have adequate equipment and use of advanced technology to process and store the valuable historical documents it receives.

Without THLA the Tyrrell would not be able to fund special speakers and programs for its patrons or to fund educational opportunities for the professional staff.  Become a member today!

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